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Ace Elevators is an accredited lift company operating nationally across the UK.

Lift Repairs and Modernisation Lift Repairs and Modernisation

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Ace Elevators have the knowledge and experience you can rely on


Condition Surveys & Reports
From routine repairs to upgrades and complete refurbishment, we'll work with you to achieve practical solutions with minimum disruption.

With a staged approach to suit your requirements and all to the latest European and British Standards.

  • Aesthetics - Does your lift interior look tired and out of date?
  • Performance - Are your lifts slow and failing to meet the changing requirements of your building?
  • Safety - Does your lift comply with current standards and safety legislation?
  • Efficiency - Do you need to reduce downtime by having lifts which are reliable?

When to Modernise?

  • Your equipment is more than 10 years old
    Even if it's been well maintained, current technology can often improve reliability and performance dramatically
  • Building usage has changed
    Different traffic patterns, changes in usage hours, or changes in tenant population may place all new demands on ageing equipment
  • Complaints have increased
    When people are beginning to notice your lifts for the wrong reasons, it may be time to consider a modernisation

We offer a free site survey and would be pleased to provide comparison quotations for repair work to your lift equipment.

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